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Shari Jenkins Designs, LLC

Born at a very young age, collage artist Shari Jenkins Schmit was kidnapped by coyotes and raised on a ranch near the Bear Paw Mountains southeast of Big Sandy, Montana. 


At the age of 50 and still undecided as to what she wanted to be when she grew up, she realized a decision of some sort was necessary:  see what was on TV, have a mid-life crisis, or do something creative.  She chose the latter.

​Combining her collection of antique photos with vintage ephemera, buttons, flowers, leaves, barbed wire, fabric, bullets, maps, door knobs (you name it, she’s scanned it!), Shari began digitally formatting collage art designs.  In recent years, she has professionally printed her designs on canvas gallery wraps, as well as truly stunning scarves!

Shari’s love of cowgirls is a prevalent theme in her art, as is her appreciation of history.  And, as you will note, her tragic sense of humor.

In addition to her fine art, Shari’s designs can be found on Leanin’ Tree greeting cards, mugs & magnets in nearly 50,000 retail stores across the United States.

With no art education or training, however, her journey to create has taken some interesting twists and turns.  But don’t take our word for it.  Check out these designs!